The Marshall Wedding

BEFORE I begin, a huge shout out to Molly Cox Marshall for allowing me to be a part of her big day as well as her patience with me finishing these amazing photos. On June 17, 2017 I had the opportunity to capture the love between Molly and Hunter. Not only was this a special day for the newlyweds, but Molly’s sister and her husband were celebrating their anniversary as well. Many people think that a wedding is all about the couple, but this celebration showed me that it is also about the families coming together, embracing and supporting a new adventure, and most of all having a good time.

Molly and Hunter you are so lucky for the great number of people who love you and support you individually and as a couple. As a recently new friend of Molly’s, I had never met many of the people in attendance, but that did not stop them from being friendly, accepting, and genuine. After the first five minutes at the venue, I was instantly at ease.

Personally, I am planning my wedding for 2019…trust me I am a P-L-A-N-N-E-R. I have to analyze all my options, make a plan, and know the possible scenarios or problems to stay sane. I have plenty time luckily, and I was grateful to get back into the swing of things with experience Molly and Hunters big day. I got to see all the little details she put in to her big day including handling the small shower that hit right before the ceremony with grace. I admired her approach and patience the entire day.

Their little piece of forever also allowed me to meet another creative and passionate individual, Sierra Queen. She was also photographing the wedding, and we had never met until the day of the wedding. To be honest, I was terrified that we would clash and it would not be as enjoyable, but Sierra walked into the house and greeted me with open arms. We were both so excited to share the experience and lessen the pressure with an added set of eyes. I am thankful for the impact that both Molly and Sierra made on me, especially on such a big day for Molly and her new husband.

Overall, this celebration was not only a way for me to enjoy my creative passion, experience what my future wedding may be, and embrace the love people share on days where vows are taken to love and cherish another until death do they part. I believe that all weddings are beautiful in their own way, but the tricky part is to have a marriage as beautiful as that one meticulously planned day. I have faith that Molly and Hunter will embody the beauty I saw, and they will grow and love each other for a very long time. Cliché or not, you could feel the love. CHECK THEM OUT!!!

That awkward scary first step

I am finally pushing myself to allow my creative passions to flow and be seen. I have always been crafty, giving and passionate about impacting those around me, but I could never bring myself to be completely in the spotlight. Personally, I thought the spotlight would take away from “the thought that counts.” This was only a sad excuse to not let myself shine. Now, I also want everyone to know “the why” behind these passions, creativity and this newfound hobby. I love to write, explore the outdoors, share my experiences and take photographs to capture the “wow” moments that are all around us in our everyday lives.

Today, I spent the day with an amazing, genuine woman named Molly Cox. Today was not just another day; today was Molly’s wedding day. In this day, I got to capture the sparkle in her ring, the smiles and laughs in still form, and the details. Although, the wise happily married couples told me today, that you do not remember being hot and sticky, or the small flowers the guys wore or even whether everything went according to plan…those are my favorite things to photograph. I know that it is the best way to remember all of those tireless hours on Pinterest or brainstorming with friends, and the behind the scenes work that goes into a day that flies by you. Throughout the day, this out of body experience…capturing the moments that were so precious seem to come effortless is my “why”. I cannot stop looking through the pictures of the phenomenal people, who made my job a piece of cake. Personally, I never thought I would want to dive into this passion, but today showed me that I could not ignore the happiness and satisfaction that each amazing photograph gave me. I hope that every single person reading this finds that hobby, activity, or passion that I found today.

Do not allow your fear every hold you back. Do not allow any kind of failure or setback to destroy the happiness that is just beyond the very next ridge. Every day you wait is just another day you can never get back. I hope to bring inspiration to many people as I continue to push my boundaries and face my own fears.

So here goes nothing!Marshall-5